One thing I've definitely come to appreciate in the past few years is that the path to health and wellness is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Personal wellness can be hard to manage simply because we’re all different!

The same wellness approach, oils, and supplements may do more for one person than they will for another.

Essential oils are exciting to learn about and use, but there are so many of them— how are you supposed to choose the very best ones for your wellness plan?

My friends Jon McGarry and Justin Naduald recently stopped by the podcast to share the science and stories behind the new and exciting iTovi DNA Collection Kits and what your DNA can tell you about which essential oils (and other things) work best for YOUR body.

Click blow to listen to Episode 222: iTovi DNA for Personalized Wellness

itovi dna


iTOVi DNA analyzes your DNA for genes relating to weight loss, stress management, skin health, nutrition, and more. Not only will you get a good idea of what your genetic strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to wellness, you’ll get recommendations for products matched to your DNA results.

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You'll be able to create a wellness plan so individualized, you'll wonder how you ever used essential oils without the iTOVi DNA kit!

P.S. If you enjoy the long-term resource of the iTOVi DNA report, you may also enjoy the amazing benefits of the iTOVi Scanner.

The iTOVi Scanner, instead of analyzing your DNA, analyzes your body’s response to essential oils as affected by your body's unique frequency. It’s a powerful way to meet your everyday wellness challenges.

Your DNA is the blueprint for your body. It is the foundation of your body’s wellness functions. And it largely remains the same throughout your entire lifetime. Your DNA is a big part of what makes you unique. And that means the ideal wellness plan would be unique in a way that matches your genome. iTOVi DNA takes a bold step of delving into your DNA, using your genetic markers to isolate the products that best match YOUR DNA, so you can build a wellness plan based on who you are.

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