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Young Living has 20+ years of experience and is the world leader and pioneer in essential oil research and distillation process.

Young Living oils are beyond organic. Why? Check out their seed to seal process here.

Each batch of oils is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability. Check out their testing process here.

Young Living owns their own farms across the globe. Read about their farms here.

You can actually visit the farms and participate in the harvest/distillation process. Watch the Idaho Balsalm Fir harvest here.

Young Living is the only company to submit their oils to AIRASE for purity testing. Read more about AIRASE here.

With over 120 singles and blends, Young Living has a great selection of oils available.

Young Living has an unmatched Seed to Seal process to guarantee the purity and potency of every oil.

Young Living oils do not have an expiration date.

Young Living oils are safe for ingestion.

We have a growing beautiful community happening here.

Once you join our team as a MEMBER, we have a private facebook group that you will be added to, a FREE business bootcamp, monthly classes and MORE!

There is ZERO pressure to ever sell, if you just want to join our community and purchase oils, that is GREAT!

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Starting this journey can be intimidating but walking through it with us takes that away.

Starting august 1, 2018 we are now able to enroll our spouse as a downline account and earn two incomes + place two ESSENTIAL reward orders a month. like whaaaat?! 

We would love to have you, babe!

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