Vitamins are a great way to make sure your body has the fuel and nourishment it needs to function at its best. Or at least, that’s the theory. In reality, most of the vitamins you get at your local pharmacy or health food store don’t actually make it into your bloodstream — which means you are literally flushing both the nutrients and your money down the toilet.

Luckily, a growing number of companies are making it easier to swallow your daily supplements… by eliminating the swallowing part altogether.

Supplement / Vitamin Sprays (taken sublingually) are becoming all the rage — they are convenient, and possibly more effective, way to take your daily vitamins.

But do supplement sprays really live up to the hype? Lets’s find out!

Benefits Of Spray Supplements

1. Better Absorption

Traditional vitamins have relatively poor bioavailability, which means only a small portion of their nutrients stay in your body. The reason for this is a biological process called first pass metabolism.

Sublingual absorption is much faster and more efficient because the percentage of each dose absorbed is higher than what is achieved by taking tablets. 

The benefits of using a spray over capsules is immediate absorption sublingually into the bloodstream avoiding the gastrointestinal route. Additionally, your body will absorb 98% of the vitamins and minerals in liquid supplements, but will only absorb 3 to 20% of the vitamins in a pill.

The sublingual route also avoids vitamin destruction due to stomach acid and digestive enzymes that are bypassed allowing for more efficient absorption of the nutrients via sublingual spray.  The result is your body absorbs the substance faster and more efficiently.

2. No More Pills

Maybe you hate taking tablets or capsules, or easily forget to take them in the morning. These vitamin sprays make it easy to take your vitamins and can even be carried around in your bag in case you forget to have a spray in the morning.

With young children, the elderly and even those who have trouble swallowing due to medical conditions also can also have difficulty taking tablets, a spray is a great option to take supplements effectively.

3. Cleaner Ingredients

Capsules and tablets usually synthetic and are modified to contain fillers, binding agents, artificial coloring, and a ton of other ingredients that make up the capsule itself. Most supplement sprays contain fewer and cleaner ingredients that include only the vitamin, water, and natural flavoring. However, always make sure to do your research! Some do contain artificial flavors and questionable ingredients, so always be sure to check the label and ingredient/product sourcing standards. You can find ours here.

4. Easier on the Stomach

Are vitamins tough on your tummy? A lot of people avoid taking supplements and vitamins because they tend to be tough on the stomach. Another great thing about supplement sprays, it that by ingesting them sublingually bypasses the stomach for better absorption without the discomfort of a sour stomach.

Bottom line, whatever the method you choose to take your vitamins, just make sure you take them. Whether that’s via spray, tablet, capsule, liquid, or powder — please, do your research and make sure to choose a company with quality sourcing and products with effective delivery!

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