Have you ever wondered what it really looks like on a day to day basis to use essential oils? I never could have imagine before I was introduced to oils that I would use them so routinely every single day!⁣

For me, starting off my day right has a significant effect on how the rest of my day goes, so I am very diligent about sticking to this super simple routine. And that is KEY. We all need things to be more simple, and using oils shouldn’t be something that is just another thing to do. It’s just like brushing your teeth each day…. it’s a normal part of your morning. ⁣

Here is what my morning routine looks like with⁣ my oils:⁣

1. Set the tone for the day with a diffuser blend going in the kitchen . Stress Away + Lime in the diffuser for a morning vacation to set everyone’s moods off on a calm note while eating breakfast. ⁣

2. Valor + Joy over my heart and on my wrists for the best emotional support perfume. (Also try Stress Away or Peace & Calming)⁣

3. Thieves Roll-on on little feet (and mine!) before the shoes go on. Immune support for the win! ⁣

4. Frank rolled all over my face for a⁣ radiant, youthful dewy glow. I love this one at night, too because it’s super grounding but rolling it on when waking up is a good yes as well! ⁣

5. Diffuse Peppermint + Lemon or Citrus Fresh⁣ in the living room while getting backpacks and lunches together. Help kickstart everyone’s day with all the happy awakening vibes!⁣

6. A few drops of Valor in the palms of my hands, rubbed together then cusp my nose (my kids do this before school too). 5 deep breaths. Calm. Reset. We are ready to take on the day! ⁣

That sounds pretty simple, right?! And it totally is! And these few steps make a lasting impact on my health and covers so many systems in my body. It makes me a better wife and mom, and I’m more mindful of my own needs the more I support myself well.⁣

If you’ve been stumped at where to start, I suggest starting here! This would be wonderful for anyone, and you will feel and see the difference!

Now that we talked morning, let’s talk bedtime! My nighttime oily routine is one of the most important parts of my day! Such a great way to wind down, reset my mind for rest, and enjoy a little self-care that literally takes seconds!⁣

I talk a lot about being intentional, and this⁣ really comes into play here. If I ever let this time go and fall into bed without using these beautiful tools, I can tell such a difference in my ability to quiet my mind and wind down. My body appreciates this little bit of extra love, and knowing what it does for me, I’m happy to give it what it needs!⁣

Here’s my normal nighttime routine:⁣

1. Wash my face with a ART Gentle Cleanser or Savvy Minerals makeup remover wipes and apply Frankincense all over my face. Again, say bye-bye to fine lines and get ready to wake up with that dewy glow! ⁣

2. Progessence Plus on my forearms for hormone support. Y’all goodbye shark moods and all the things. 

3. Sclaressence rolled on my ankles for even more hormone support. 

4. Peace & Calming on my chest and wrists…smells dreamy and helps settle and calm every system in my body.⁣

5. Tranquil roll-on on the bottoms of my feet⁣ and down my spine right before bed for good, restful sleep.⁣

6. Diffuse Orange + Dream Catcher…. dreamland has never been so sweet!

The key to doing these simple steps is to have⁣ them out and available so you literally can’t miss it! Frankincense in your bathroom, Tranquil on night stand….. everything handy and waiting for you!⁣

You are gonna love incorporating these beautiful tools into your routine! And if you don’t yet have a bedtime routine at all, my friend, you are about to experience something so special you’ll wish you’d started this years ago.⁣

Here’s to a cozy night, feeling pampered, no⁣ matter what day of the week it is!⁣

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