We are so pumped to partner up with one of our favorite oily swag brands to announce their most exciting products to date – the Burl FÜM!

For those who may not be familiar, what is FÜM? It’s an all-natural non-electronic wooden essential oil inhaler that doesn’t vaporize or change the state of the essential oils when you inhale. No smoke, no vape.

The burl FÜM, though made in the same function and design as the FÜM Prominent, is made from Canadian maple burl.

What is burl wood, you ask? Burl is a knobby growth that essentially forms on the trunk of a tree due to some form of stress, injury, virus or other damaging effect(s). These stresses create a beautifully unique patterned wood grain. Did I mention that no two pieces of burl are alike? It’s true, each piece is one of a kind and that is one of the reasons it’s so rare and is something to treasure! Once fully formed, it can be sustainably harvested and used in the production of making these beautiful wooden essential oil inhalers.

This particular wood – despite overcoming many adversities – is incredibly strong, durable, unique and makes for sharing the perfect personal testimony!

It’s no secret that our family has had no shortage of hard times and struggles the last few years. The ups and downs, health struggles for just about everyone in our family, and the hardship that goes along with losing both of your grandparents less than a month apart from one another. You can read more here on how essential oils helped me to navigate through one of the hardest, darkest times of my entire life. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, it’s only through contending the very hardest, heartbreaking of seasons that I was shaped into the resilient, empathetic and full of grace person that I am today.

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache… carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

Moral of the story? Out of destruction, does come beauty. You may not think so at the moment, but your adversity is a true blessing in disguise, babe!

Humans, like Burl, mimic this same narrative. 

We are made distinctly beautiful and durable in spite of the hardships that life throws our way. The pain we’ve endured has shaped our trajectory and has made us stronger. In the fight against unhealthy habits, we are made stronger and can lead a life of positive habits. Our struggles do not define us or defeat us, they form us uniquely and beautifully into who we are today and who we are becoming tomorrow.

Like a Burl, we are durable, unique, and immensely beautiful.

Alongside the benefits of inhaling essential oils, this Burl FÜM is a reminder to all that challenges are good and that we are all on a journey filled with personal growth. When we overcome adversity, we are made stronger, more durable, and our true self shines!

Did you know? Each Burl FÜM is hand sanded and the logo is hand burnt as each piece of wood is so unique, that they are unable to use traditional automatic or standardized methods.

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By purchasing a Burl FÜM, you are joining the collective of positive rebels who see their past not as a prison, but as a story leading them to a better and more positive life.

Each Burl FÜM has its own unique story and so do you! A story of overcoming battles, healing, and growth. 

Are you ready to share your story? Grab your one of a kind Burl FÜM pipe HERE! Be sure to use our exclusive discount code ‘GRITSGRACECO’ at checkout for 10% OFF your entire order!

This is #MyBurlStory – what is yours, babe?





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