The grieving process is a crucial and beneficial stage of conscious acceptance of a loss, which ultimately leads to a letting go of this loss.  A loss of any kind, whether it’s a death of a pet, a child, or a parent, or maybe a divorce, a loss of a job, or the end of a relationship, can throw-off the balance of both your emotional and mental well-being.  Grief is characterized by possible feelings of anger, fear, sadness, isolation, guilt, abandonment, and situational depression.

Picture yourself sinking into the embrace of your bedsheets, your eyelids struggle to maintain its position after you’ve cried for the 5th time today triggered by old memories of your deceased loved one, and there’s the uncertainty of not knowing whether you have the energy to get up the next morning, plagued by despair.

But you gradually find yourself comforted by faint whiffs of what seems like a combination of Lavender, Peppermint, and Orange as you surrender to the magnetic pull of deep sleep.

The next day, you find yourself feeling a bit more refreshed and up-beat, vital energy is beginning to return to your lifeless body from last night – a feeling that is faintly familiar, a feeling from your old self – before all the “trauma drama” this life situation has served you.

That, is the power of essential oils.

Science is now discovering that trapped emotions are stored in every cell of our body, and the trauma stored in the “amygdala gland of the limbic system does not respond to sound or sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell,” according to Carolyn L. Mein, a Registered Aromatherapist and the author of Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils.

On a side note, traumatic life events like losing a loved one can manifest itself as phantom pain in your physical body, it’s one of your body’s way of storing grief.  The pain will typically disappear once you’ve released any hidden emotions or trauma stored in that area.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to my sweet grandmother. My heart is completely broken. And as we struggle to put the broken pieces back together – our entire family is forever grateful for these tools who help make that possible or for lack of a better word – tolerable.

We love to diffuse our essential oils but my favorite is adding them topically by adding a roller filament. Here are a few blends that are helping support my family and self through this:

+ White Angelica – on collar bones
+ SARA – on wrists & behind ears
+ Valor – over heart & down spine
+ Release – a drop on head to diffuse
+ Cypress – cusp directly in palms of your hands

Additional favorites: Sacred Frank, Surrender, Bergamot, Trauma Life, Acceptance, Hope and Sacred Angel

Grief is an emotional rollercoaster. I’m just thankful we have ways to support ourselves along with a ton of prayer, comforting each other and putting trust in the Lord.

What are your favorite emotional support oils, babe?

Essential Oils