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Baths for me has always been such a luxury and not to mention rare, but in recent months I have made self care a top priority and have managed to carve out a little me time here and there. I’ve been making homemade bath soaks using Epsom and pink Himalayan salt, it has elevated my baths from blah to downright heavenly. Not only are these bath scrubs super fun, they are also very simple (& cheap) to diy & make fun gifts! We are excited to be gifting these festive-filled jars to my babes’ teachers for Christmas! #tistheseason

The recipe is simple:

Glass jars with metal bails
Epsom salt (soothes sore muscles and reduces swelling)
Pink Himalayan salt
10 drops Lavender [calming & smells pretty darn lovely] + 10 drops Eucalyptus [helps reduce swelling]*

Mix it all in a glass bowl and store in air tight decorative 4 oz mason jar. We also like these ones, that are tad smaller (2 oz). Use a lot or a little, I use about about a few tablespoons per bath. Enjoy!!!

*If other essential oils are desired, just make sure to use the total ratio: 20 drops per jar.

You could also jazz it up by swapping the Pink Himalayan salt for Black Lava salt to give as gifts at Baby Showers, New Mothers, Teachers, Bridal Showers, White Elephant gift exchange, Dirty Santa, etc. or even as a Stud Scrub (Bergamot + Sage) for that special guy in your life! You could add a festive flair by dressing up the containers with jute twine and craft paper gift tags. The possibilities are endless with salt scrub recipes, which is why we love them so much!

Our favorite salt scrub essential oils are: Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming (I & II), Eucalyptus, Jade Lemon (or Lemon), Peppermint and Grapefruit. But you could totally add whatever essential oil desired.

For more of our favorite salt scrub recipes, visit here. So, let’s hear it!

What are you favorite essential oils to incorporate into your DIY Scrubs?

‘Tis the season to be OILY! Happy Oiling, babes!

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Gift Guide: Bath Scrubs