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Did you know that almost all household cleaners (even those labeled as “green”) are filled with a list as long as your arm of cancer-causing chemicals that have been shown to have adversely damaging effects on your body? Real talk. These household cleaning agents have carcinogens in them which are known hormone disruptors — they act as neurotoxins + allergens and can lead to learning/developmental issues, interfere with normal thyroid function, infertility, cause skin + respiratory irritation, genetic defects, reproductive toxicity, pulmonary edema and in some cases, yes… cancer.

As the gatekeeper of our home, ditching the household cleaners was one of the first choices we made when switching to a healthier lifestyle! We know we don’t have to tell you that most store cleaners are full of harsh, cancer-causing ingredients or that these chemicals are causing a toxic overload in our poor bodies.

Most of us didn’t wake up with the idea that TODAY we will decide to kick chemicals out and live a more natural lifestyle. We sure didn’t. Despite news and things that would skip past our ears in the past, we tuned it out and just didn’t have a desire to care…that is until we had kids. Even then, had it not been for my membership with Young Living that we actually got into for better sleep and calm for my kids and household, we would not have had my eyes opened to so much truth. We could not longer ignore the information and facts. And therefore, the decision was an easy one to make.

We get it, it can be so much easier to just ignore the facts because it’s hard to imagine parting with your favorite products or you feel like the process is too difficult and intimidating…

Well babes, let me tell you with as much honesty as possible. This does NOT have to be hard at all. If anything, it is easier, more simplified, and the products that we switched to are the best we’ve ever used, they last a long time, and my whole family can FEEL the difference. Improved moods, better rest, happier hormones, more peace, better health.

As a society, we have settled with feeling sick, tired, headaches, unexplained discomfort, and disease, our hormones out of whack…and we just believe this lie that this is normal. And it’s easier to just take medicines for these things. But how many of us actually feel better or have our issues “fixed” or “healed” with meds? We are NOT anti-medication, at all. We will take medicine as needed and it has its place. But there is definitely overuse, and certainly things we can easily change that could surprisingly bring healing to our bodies and save our budgets!

There is truly no reason to shy away from not only and easy switch, but a budget-friendly one. It’s a no-brainer here.

The average cleaner has TEN ingredients! That makes room for the one that has 30 and the one that has 5. Now multiply that by however many bottles are under the sink, above the washer + dryer in your laundry room, in that hall closet, etc. If you have 20 bottles of different kinds of cleaners and they had ten ingredients each, that is 200 different chemicals in your home.

In Europe, they have banned hundreds of chemicals from being used that we come in contact with most likely every single day in the US. Which is why we need to take responsibility for our health by researching ingredients on every beauty product, household cleaner, etc. It is definitely a  process of learning and finding safer, affordable alternatives. The ThinkDirty app and EWG.org have been helpful when we first starting researching chemicals in our homes. Remember, one step at a time. This process does not need to be daunting!

BUT if you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of time researching… we are here to do that part for you!



Here are our DITCH & SWITCH tips on how to rid your home of unnecessary toxins:

ALL your household cleaners. For surfaces, floors, stains, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, windows, mirrors, marble, granite, stoves, appliances… ditch ’em all! You don’t need all that toxic crap taking up precious cabinet space anyway, right?

Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate. Yep…that’s it. This one cleaner has replaced EVERY other chemical cleaner in our house. It cleans ALL THE THINGS! And not only the appearance of clean, but leaves your home smelling like Christmas morning, and destroys everything icky… you feel me?

Laundry detergent/dryer sheets + Dish detergent + Hand soap. You wouldn’t believe the toxins lurking in these products, filling the fibers of our clothes, that are then wrapped around our bodies day and night, penetrating our largest organ, our skin. Same with dish detergents and hand soaps…we get our hands all good and warm and soak them in chemicals that quickly reach our bloodstream through open pores.

Thieves Laundry detergent + wood dryer balls + Thieves Dish Soap + Thieves Hand Soap. You are probably wondering… what is “Thieves?” Long story short, it’s our immune system supporting, kill-all-the-things powerhouse blend. So why not get it on and in our bodies as much as possible? It also smells just like the holidays! The Thieves line of products is one of the most important product lines in all of Young Living. It erases the need for all other cleaning solutions we’ve ever used before now and we are so thankful to get it all delivered right to our door. This stuff is seriously the bomb dot com.


Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner is a saving grace when it comes to cleaning naturally without any harmful chemicals. If we are being honest, you literally cannot count on two hands how many ways we use Thieves Household Cleaner!

  • If someone in the house is sick or someone at work is sick we go around spraying all the doorknobs to make sure that crap isn’t spreading
  • We use it on our granite countertops.
  • We use it on our butcher block countertop!
  • We use it on and in the microwave, fridge, freezer, and oven.
  • We spray soft surfaces like you would with Lysol disinfectant spray.
  • Add some Pine or Citrus Fresh if you want Thieves to smell like your traditional floor cleaner!
  • We use it on all our bathroom surfaces including the toilet.
  • We create a soft scrub paste with the Thieves Cleaner + Thieves Dishwasher Powder. We use it for the sinks, shower, and even the inside of the toilet! (The dishwasher detergent is a great addition to the Thieves line because it has enzymes like Amylase and Protease)
  • We use it on window sills and baseboards.
  • We use it on stainless-steel appliances + kitchen sink.
  • It works on mirrors and windows with no streaks.
  • We use it on Toys! With no chemical trace that will get on your child’s skin or in their mouth – even safe enough to have your school-aged children help with the cleaning! *Decide for yourself if you want to do this, per usual disclaimer.


We have named only two Thieves products so far and over 20+ uses for both. As far as home cleaning goes, these are the only two products we use. It not only cleans my entire home well and safely, it saves me money. The Thieves Household Cleaner comes in a condensed liquid that you then dilute. You hardly ever have to buy a new bottle of the cleaner since you only use a little at a time. It normally averages out to under a $1.00 per bottle! It depends on your dilution rate. I mostly use it diluted 1:30 and only use 1:15 sometimes (refer to the infographic for dilution ratios). If you only used the 1:30 ratio that would mean one bottle of Thieves Cleaner would make 64 spray bottles(30 ounces) and each bottle would cost you 76 cents! Plus, it is environmentally friendly since you are reusing the same spray bottle.




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Happy oiling, babes!

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Ditch & Switch: Household Cleaners