Happy Spring, babes!!! We have the most beautiful Spring weather over here and some much needed sunshine at the end of a very tough past few weeks. We wanted to share some of our fave essential oil recipes for Spring, including a handful of my favorite diffuser blends, cleaning DIYs and some other tips & […]

March 29, 2020

Whether you’re a die-hard essential oil fan or just getting started, you probably have questions about essential oils you’re searching for answers to, like “Are essential oils safe for kids?” and “What’s a Vitality oil anyway?” and maybe even “What the heck are essential oils?” Well, you came to the right place! We’re answering all these questions and more […]

June 30, 2019

As you know, many commercial products are laden with toxins and nasty chemicals. Fortunately, you have safer alternatives when it comes to cleaners, personal care items, products for kids and pets, and even makeup. Wondering where to find items made from natural, plant-based ingredients? This list is a good place to start when switching to […]

June 19, 2019

Did you know that almost all household cleaners (even those labeled as “green”) are filled with a list as long as your arm of cancer-causing chemicals that have been shown to have adversely damaging effects on your body? Real talk. These household cleaning agents have carcinogens in them which are known hormone disruptors — they […]

May 16, 2019