It is no secret that our family LOVES essential oils and so many of you have sent us questions on how they work or how you can incorporate them into your daily routine. We started using them as a way to help support our immune systems & encourage better sleep habits for our family, and to say that they have done so much more than that, is really an understatement. So we wanted to share how we use our oils every single day and why we love them!!

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1. For a better night’s sleep. There is a reason that every baby product on the planet contains Lavender. We first started using oils for sleep support when Sophia was just a newborn and literally up EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. We tried everything! Finally, decided to give our essential oils a go! We added Frankincense + Tangerine + White Angelica to the diffuser and it completely changed all of our sleeping habits. For the first time ever, EVERYONE was sleeping through the night, almost a full six hours and it has only gotten better from there. I have always struggled with falling asleep quick (compared to our fiancé who falls asleep in the middle of a sentence once we get in bed) for as long as I can remember—until oils. There are SO many oils that can be worked into a bedtime routine to encourage a restful nights sleep, and if we are being honest, we don’t know where we would be without them!!

2. For healthy, glowing skin. Truth be told, we used to bounce around betweem moisturizers, wrinkle creams, and all sorts of serums. We struggled to find anything that we really loved or could justify spending the money for, until essential oils came along. Now, our regimen has never been easier! We only use a few drops of jojoba oil with a drop of Frankincense as our daily moisturizer! It supports healthy, glowing skin without all the cancer-causing chemicals found in leading brands, plus it is an incredibly grounding, calming oil. Frankincense is amazing to apply to skin right before going to sleep! We also love to roll our Glow Stix roller under our eyes, apply Copaiba or Neroli to troublesome spots & blemishes and use Grapefruit with coconut oil + shea butter as a full body moisturizer.

3. For immune support. One of the first reasons we started using oils was for seasonal immune support, if you have toddlers (especially ones in daycare, preschool, etc.) you understand. It felt like week after week, we were all run down & passing it around. Adding oils to our daily routine has been life changing, every mom needs this.

4. To make our home smell amazing. We aren’t sure we could ever give up candles for decor, but after reading about how toxic they are to burn, we have turned to diffusing oils instead. The best part? They have so many added benefits! So while Wintergreen + Orange in the diffuser smells delicious (like sweet tart candy!), it is also uplifting & mood boosting! Blends like Valor + Stress Away (vanilla-lime) smell heavenly, especially when diffused at bed time, they are also highly relaxing & calming.

This is quite possibly the 𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒅𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒎𝒔. It was created after comparing all of our favorite candles Anthropologie Volcano candles and seriously this blend never gets old—⁣⁣

5 drops Grapefruit⁣⁣
5 drops Orange⁣⁣
3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce (or NLBS)⁣⁣
3 drops Geranium⁣⁣
1 drop Lime (𝒐𝒑𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒍)⁣⁣

5. For chemical-free cleaning. We have always loathed traditional cleaning products, the smells are always overpowering! Not to mention, they are a basically a death trap to keep under your sink or around your little ones. The Young Living line of Thieves cleaning products, specifically the household cleaner, is 100% effective, all-natural, and safe around kids. We are safe to wipe down kitchen counters or play tables with it, knowing our kids will eat off it immediately after. There are hundreds of ways to use oils themselves for cleaning as well, like using Lemon oil to remove sticky residue (like in an instant, it’s incredible), or Lemon + Thieves oil with some baking soda to make an amazing soft scrub to get stains out of sinks, pans, etc. Good stuff, babes!

6. For balanced moods + emotional support. The science behind it is simple. Essential oils are extracted from plants by distillation, and have the essential aromatic & chemical properties of that plant, they are made up of tiny molecules that are very easily absorbed by our bodies. When you inhale an essential oil, receptor cells of the olfactory organ receive the aroma, and send signals to the brain which is the center of our emotions & memory. This controls our blood pressure, breathing, hormone balance, heart rate & so much more. So simply inhaling certain oils, or applying oils to your wrists or behind your ears, can be extremely calming, uplifting & grounding. One of our favorite go-to blends we like to call Happy Mama (made up of Orange, Peace & Calming, Joy & Ylang Ylang) is one we love for any emotionally draining time, perhaps every day during witching hour or on every road trip with kids, and is amazing for things like post-partum emotions.

7. For all the best DIYs. Glow serum, grapefruit lip scrub, hair detangler, sore muscle balm, outdoor spray, you name it, there’s an oil for that! It never fails that on any given day, we are Googling things & find an oily solution. Split ends? Done. Ants on the counter? Done. It is an amazing feeling to have a safe, natural (and easy!) way solve problems, you know, the way your grandma would have done it! 

8. For flavor + added benefits. Young Living essential oils are all 100% therapeutic grade, and the Vitality line of oils can be used to naturally inhance the flavor of your food & drinks! We love a drop of Peppermint in our morning coffee, Lime or Grapefruit in sparkling water (with NingXia!) and Basil or Rosemary in olive oil when cooking! A drop of Lemon is more potent & has more benefits since it is produced from the rind of the lemon instead of the pulp. One drop of Lemon Vitality in your water each morning acts as a powerful antioxidant + stimulates metabolism, without the acidity that can upset a sensitive stomach or damage your enamel on your teeth. Incredible, right?!

We hope this is helpful for anyone who isn’t sure how to use their oils or for those of you considering getting started! As always, you can find more information on how to get started using oils for your family here, or you can follow along on our Grits & Grace page for lots of oily goodness!

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