We love welcoming our new members every Monday morning with tips on how to use your oils and to get the most out of your new wholesale account! We’re so happy you are here! Let us know your favorite oil so far!


  • Day 1: Open up your kit! Look at the fun literature, smell each of the oils. Some will smell amazing to you and some will be like WHOA – but remember these are so much more than scents, they are healing, amazing bottles of plant power!
  • Day 2: Take out your diffuser. Grab Lavender or Stress Away and add a few drops once you’ve filled up your diffuser basin with water. Turn on your diffuser. Press the button again to change the light or hold it down to turn the light off.
  • Day 3: Lift up the gold tab under your oils to find all of your samples and Peace and Calming and VALOR! Take the two roller tops and apply them to the bottles. To do this remove the plastic bottle cover from the bottle, put the roller top on the top then cover with the bottle cap. Twist the cap as tightly as you can to seal the roller fitment to the bottle. Unscrew cap and apply liberally to wrists and breathe in deeply!
  • Day 4: Grab a glass of water (or a stainless steel bottle but NEVER plastic) and apply a drop of Lemon or Peppermint Vitality to your water. You can refill your water all day and still get the benefits of that one drop of oil!
  • Day 5: After you wash your face at night and before you moisturize, grab a drop of Frankincense and your favorite carrier oil (Jojoba is a nice one for the face!) and make a Glow Serum. Massage the Frankincense all over your face and let it soak in and then apply your favorite moisturizer. We love the Art Light Moisturizer!
  • Day 6: Log in to your Young Living Account! www.youngliving.com. Check out all of the Member Resources available to you and then make sure to check out Essential Rewards! Essential Rewards is our free loyalty program. So when you run out of Lavender you won’t panic. You can earn free products and points back to apply to more FREE products and get lots of other perks! FREE to join and cancel anytime. You can change your order every single month.
  • Day 7: Look under your box tab for two red packets. These are our favorite antioxidants! Ningxia red will be your best friend. Stick these packets in the fridge and drink once chilled. We also love adding them to La Croix in the afternoon to help curb sugar cravings.
  • Day 8: Good morning! Add this energizing blend to your diffuser: a couple of drops of Lemon + Peppermint!
  • Day 9: What’s the difference between the white oils and the colored oils? The white labels simply mean that you can digest those oils! They are labeled for dietary use. You can also use them topically and in the diffuser. 🙂
  • Day 10: Go for a nice long walk, do some yoga, or workout. Afterwards, make an epsom salt bath with a drop of Panaway. So soothing to your tired muscles. You can also add a drop to your favorite carrier oil (click here to read more on carrier oils) and massage into your legs!
  • Day 11: Grab Raven and Lemon and make a simply DIY chest rub. Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil of your choice. Some people do react to coconut oil so maybe try avocado oil or another favorite and whip the oils together for a simply chest rub. Raven is amazing for opening things up and recommended for 6+. You can also make this into a roller ball. Add a couple of drops of each oil and then top with a carrier oil. Rollers are much less messy and a breeze for oiling on the go!
  • Day 12: Get to know Thieves! Thieves is a power house oil and we can’t imagine life without it! It smells like Christmas! Put Thieves and Citrus Fresh in your diffuser for all the immune boosting happiness. You can also apply to feet before bed for that extra boost. Use a carrier oil to make this easier.
  • Day 13: Digize might be one of your WHOA oils when you first smelled them but this one will grow on you. It’s amazing for digestive support. Take it on the go and put a drop under your tongue after a heavy meal. This is our tummy oil!
  • Day 14: You’ve been using your oils for TWO WEEKS! How are you feeling?! Take a minute to browse through our UNIT in the facebook group! You can also find our monthly promos, newsletter, question thread, and more in our announcements post!
  • Day 15: Before crawling into bed, add Lavender and Peace and Calming to your diffuser. Sweet dreams!
  • Day 16: Does your sister now want oils? Go to your virtual office: www.youngliving.com < Member Resources < Link builder to create a custom link to share with her so she can be a part of our community! Young Living will send you a thank you check for sharing oils.
  • Day 17: Try Frankincense in your diffuser during your quiet time today! We love this oil for calming and grounding and it’s perfect to diffuse while reading, praying, or meditating.
  • Day 18: Valor is our courage oil! Have a big test, a long commute, a big presentation? Get that Valor with it’s roller top out and apply liberally to your neck, chest, wrists… it makes a great perfume and it’s amazing for emotional support!
  • Day 19: Pop Citrus Fresh in the diffuser during times of creativity or learning (great for diffusing during homework hour!). It stimulates the right brain and really wakes you up. It’s such a happy oil – my kids love this one!
  • Day 20: You made it! You’re officially an oiler! Don’t forget if you have any questions just use the search bar in our Education group and if you can’t find the answer, pop over to the announcements tab and ask in the monthly question thread.

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