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Have your tried this unicorn juice yet??  Ningxia Red is a powerful superfood drink that is sooo delicious! It contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree - THE highest antioxidant fruit on the planet. Antioxidants are key in COMBATING free radicals that our bodies produce and are exposed to daily. Free radicals cause disease and degeneration of the body.

Ningxia Red has antioxidant ORAC level of 25,300 as compared to blueberries which are at a level of 2,400. It is whole-body nutrient infusion for health + wellness support!

One bottle contains:
200 oranges
146 strawberries
186 apples
22 carrots
1,628 blueberries
98 bunches of spinach
118 broccoli florets
1. Improves memory 
2. Increases energy and stamina
3. Helps prevent against oxidative stress
4. Maintains healthy cholesterol, blood
sugar and pH levels 
5. Combats premature aging 
6. Improves digestion 
7. Promotes bowel regularity 
8. Improves immune system 
9. Supports healthy sleep
10. Supports optimal vision

This ningxa red kit is $170, but we are offering you $25 back when you join! When you join, I’ll add you to our exclusive community online where you’ll receive support, education, and so much more! I’ll also send you happy mail with a beautiful guide on all things natural wellness and essential oils, the safety, how-to’s, recipes for diffusing and wellness, and so much more!

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