we will admit. When we first heard about the iTOVi Scanner we were totally skeptical. How is a little white box supposed to help us figure out what essential oils our body would respond to best? People everywhere on Instagram and Facebook (especially those in our  oily circles) were RAVING about this little things. we were  curious - but still not 100% on board with the whole idea.

So for all you skeptics out there - this post is for you. What is an iTOVi? Do little magic wellness elves live inside it? How can it actually help you? How do you use it?


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Through scientific technology and a patented algorithm, the pocket-sized iTOVi scanner provides a personalized recommendation of supplements and oils. Our scanner does not treat, cure, or diagnose any medical conditions, but rather focuses on personalizing recommendations of the best natural supplements and oils that the user responds to most.

Since every individual’s biological composition is unique, there is no single supplement or oil that works best for everyone. A scan from an iTOVi scanner may interpret what your body reacts to and suggests/recommends products that may improve overall health.

Lack of sleep, sickness, stress, and other health issues are only a few of the handful of factors that can prevent our bodies from reaching optimal equilibrium. Through the help of the iTOVi scanner, we can communicate better with our bodies to achieve this balance by knowing what supplements they respond to most.

The personalized results from a scan can help provide an encouraging roadmap to begin to achieve your body's optimal equilibrium. It does this by sending small electrical currents through the body then measures the vibrational frequencies found within the body and compares them to frequencies contained in supplements, oils, and vitamins.

Once the scan ends, the frequencies are recorded, analyzed, and compiled into a personalized iTOVi report. The iTOVi mobile app will then recommend the oils and supplements that your body had the best reactionary response to.

ITOVI'S Mission is to provide THEIR customers with the very best innovative tool for their business and/or personal wellness. As we continue to research and develop the iTOVi scanner and our platform, we do so primarily with our customers' health and wellness in mind.

the itovi portable scanner allows you and your clients to receive personalized reports. How? The iTOVi scanner uses innovative and institutionally recognized technology to measure the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin to stimuli. The scanner identifies these changes and ranks products in order by the strongest responses. 


Whether you are a wellness advocate veteran or just getting started, the iTOVi scanner makes it easier than ever to connect with clients. The portable iTOVi scanner and user-friendly mobile application have assisted thousands of wellness advocates in taking their work to the next level. From breaking the ice with prospective clients to providing personalized information, the iTOVi scanner can help you grow your business with confidence.

+ Introduce the products you love to others using the iTOVi app.
+ Email or text reports directly to your clients’ and easily follow up with prospects.
+ Have scanning parties to draw in new clientele and promote interest.
+ Host private webinars through iTOVi to help train and teach the best business building practices.
+ With iTOVi’s convenient setup, you can scan anytime, anywhere — all you need is the scanner and your cell phone!

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What are you waiting for? Wellness is just a scan away, all thanks to iTOVi!

these products are not an indication of health condition, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any questions about your health, the health of others, if the iTOVi is safe to use, or the products on the iTOVi report, consult your doctor or healthcare provider.