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Go ahead, take a peek at the ingredients in conventional cleaning supplies. Are those ingredients ones you would feel comfortable breathing in or ingesting? Of course not. Chemicals sneak into our homes (and bodies) in various ways, whether it’s from using a plug-in air freshener, commercial cleaning product, wax-based candle or even the chemicals in our […]

Essential Oils

I had always been somewhat aware of the bad stuff in almost every cosmetic, household cleaner, and air freshener. For some reason it didn’t matter enough for me to research because if it was “that bad” they couldn’t be on store shelves.  It’s amazing what the US allows to be in products without having to put […]


Those Anthropologie Capri Blue candles you’ve been using all your life or the Black Ice trees you have attached to the rear view of your car, did you know that a study from Natural Resources Defense Counsel showed that even many “all-natural” room sprays contain hormone disrupting chemicals?! NOT COOL. Lucky for us, essential oils […]

Essential Oils

THE KIT Getting Started with essential oils can be SO overwhelming! Seriously, there are so many to choose from! How in the world are you supposed to know which ones to start with?! The Young Living Premium Starter Kit makes it so easy! You get a diffuser of your choice, 11 of the most popular […]

Essential Oils