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Go ahead, take a peek at the ingredients in conventional cleaning supplies. Are those ingredients ones you would feel comfortable breathing in or ingesting? Of course not. Chemicals sneak into our homes (and bodies) in various ways, whether it’s from using a plug-in air freshener, commercial cleaning product, wax-based candle or even the chemicals in our […]

Essential Oils

So you want to build a business by sharing your love of natural solutions or essential oils? Did you know that Young Living PAYS you when you share oils with friends + they use your link to get their very own starter kit? YEP! For every friend you refer, if that friend creates a wholesale […]


What’s the secret ingredient to unlocking your superpowers? When you hit a lull, you may wish you had a wand, alien rocks, or even radioactive spiders to win the day. If you’re looking for a super boost that will help you feel motivated to accomplish heroic feats, then it’s time to tap into some plant […]

Essential Oils

With so many essential oils to choose from, we can’t pick favorites. But there are some oils we keep coming back to over and over again. Whether we want to get some rest and relaxation, or we want to liven up our living areas, these are the oils we can always rely on! Learn about these […]

Essential Oils