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Young Living & doTERRA. When I mentioned on my IG stories earlier this week that I had been given a kit of doTERRA oils from my aunt, but ended up purchasing a membership with Young Living, y’all had questions. “Why did you go with one over the other?” While there are a few (I will […]


Anytime you apply, rub, or massage essential oils into your skin, your experience starts with sensory receptors. These receptor cells are all over your body, and they do some pretty powerful stuff. Let’s talk about what these human body receptors are and why they’re so amazing! What is a receptor, and how does it work? […]


We love Young Living’s Nutritional Supplements! When we read the labels of our previous supplements from the health food store we were completely mortified. Why do they put artificial flavoring, coloring and chemicals in products that are supposed to make us healthy? Young Living supplements contain no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, salt, starch, corn, wheat, […]

Essential Oils

“I’m ready to begin my oily journey! How should I begin? Wonderful! Let’s begin by talking about two main options that Young Living has for us to begin purchasing. The one that most people choose and we recommend is via the MEMBER option to purchase wholesale which is 24% off the retail amount. Then we […]