graphic/web design, drinking iced coffee all day errday, All things black, my rose float recipe, wearing leggings with almost anything, salt & vinegar (or EBTB) flavored everything, polka dots & stripes,  interior decorating, margarita MONDAY (& Fridays), being a science nerd, and my secret shame is binge watching netflix - Oitnb, American Horror Story,  nashville, Stranger things & dr pimple popper!

Favorite oil inside the kit:

what i'm known for:

hello and welcome to our wellness website, babe! we are so happy you are here! I am amanda cruse bell, the founder of grits & Grace co. these are my people.

first and foremost, welcome! to our little oily space where we love to educate, empower and encourage likeminded women to make healthier choices for their families & to thrive in keeping their bodies well; the way they were intended to be.

I am a Lover of all the pretty things & holiday eves. Just a mama, after a life full of undisputed grace, deeply rooted in faith & Jesus in our hearts + oils on our feet! The lord is my portion! 

our journey started back in 2014. You can read more about that here. young living have filled the missing link in our journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Grits & Grace co is a community of wellness advocates here to empower, educate and encourage one another.  When you purchase a Premium Starter Kit with our team, you will have exclusive access to our community, team resources, and education — the friendships that come along with it are a bonus! my hope is that these products will become a daily part of your every day and family. we also host monthly educational classes (as well as, business dream calls - for those pursuing the business-side) that you will gain private access to. If at any time you are not understanding how to use your kit or essential oils, reach out! but honestly, we have so many resources, you will never have to worry about not feeling empowered. Our hope is that you will become more than just a follower, but also a new friend!

happy oiling, babe!

I'm just a Southern girl with big city sensibilities. You probably won't hear me say "y'all," but I do believe sweet tea is liquid magic! so happy you're here, babe!