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Young Living & doTERRA.

September 7, 2018

Young Living & doTERRA.

When I mentioned on my IG stories earlier this week that I had been given a kit of doTERRA oils from my aunt, but ended up purchasing a membership with Young Living, y’all had questions.

“Why did you go with one over the other?”

While there are a few (I will list them below), I want to start by saying that over the last couple years of using YLEO’s, I have needed to apply learned skills as a kiddo who grew up in a divorced home.

What does that have to do with anything?

Glad you asked.

Kiddos from divorced homes are often given a story of the opposite parent, and it’s fed to them often. Sometimes, the stories are true, but often times they are NOT. They are formed in passion, drama and hurt in hopes that the child will make the agreement with one parent over another.

What I noticed as I grew up, however, was that I was able to tell for myself was was true and what was false.

I tell you this because doTERRA was started because of Young Living.

A few people from YL saw that oils would be very profitable and decided it was worth the effort to pursue having their OWN oil company, spun off from what they learned at YL.

Biz moves are biz moves. Some people aren’t going to stay married.

I hear the stories. As divorced kiddos do.


I do NOT personally adhere to running my biz by bashing doTERRA. Its not necessary whatsoever and its honestly such a culture HOPE SUCK. #HomieDontPlayThatWay

But here is why I landed with Young Living:

🍃Their oils are more effective on my family. (I had to use more DT for the results I get with YL)

🍃They have more oils to choose from.

🍃I can visit their farms and they show their sourcing. (Seed to Seal)

🍃No yearly membership fee. (DT is $25 year)

🍃I get more rewards and free items with YL. (More health for my family on a budget)

🍃They have vitality oils that are marked specifically to use as an ingestible supplement. (DT does not)

🍃They have an expansive product line and are innovative.

🍃Way generous with referrals.

🍃They aren’t built on hype or bashing other companies. (Mad respect)

Hope this serves you!



Original post via Leslie Burris