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Retail vs Wholesale

July 15, 2018

“I’m ready to begin my oily journey! How should I begin?

Wonderful! Let’s begin by talking about two main options that Young Living has for us to begin purchasing. The one that most people choose and we recommend is via the MEMBER option to purchase wholesale which is 24% off the retail amount. Then we have the Retail option as well. Why would you pay retail though?! MEMBER is the same as an Independent Distributor which includes many perks. Think of it as similar to joining Costco…for the discount only!

Purchasing as a Wholesale Member

We LOVE this option! As a distributor you agree to order a minimum of 50PV / $50 per………YEAR. That’s it! This is the only requirement to purchasing as Wholesale Member and the greatest part is that when you purchase your first starter kit (see below for starter kit options), this purchase alone covers your membership for a full year! Of course its super easy to find $50 in products to order should your membership near the 1 year renewal time.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale:
• Saving 24% off retail prices
• No required inventory or sales, ever!
• No annual renewal fee
• No monthly requirements, order anytime or participate in Essential Rewards
• Buy what you want as often as you need
• Compensation benefits if you choose
• FREE gift with purchase

How to Become a Wholesale Member:

There are 3 kits to choose from when beginning our Membership with Young Living. MOST everyone we enroll begins with the “Premium Starter Kit.” Think of this kit as replacing many of your current purchases, more naturally of course! It comes with 11 essential oils, oil samples to share with friends, Ningxia Red samples, your choice of diffusers and of course your wholesale membership to continue purchasing at 24% off!

The Premium Starter Kit contains these 10 oils; Frankincense, Lemon Vitality, Lavender, Peppermint Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Thieves Vitality, Purification, Pan Away, R.C., and DiGize Vitality plus an 11th oil with roller ball for free called Stress Away! It has such a soothing scent! The added diffuser is a HUGE bonus! We use this in place of candles but we also use this for all things wellness.  It sure is nice to close your door and breathe in the oily vapors while sleeping.  It is also great to have for those early mornings with Joy beaming from the diffuser helping to ease tension and put smiles on faces!

ADDED BONUS!! Most of our leaders give you a free reference materials with purchase of a premium starter kit!  Be sure to ask the person who helped you get started to see if that’s something they offer. As a team, we also offer access to our Members Only Lounge. This is our team exclusive lounge with tons of resources, helpful links, welcome packet goodies, mentorships and so much more!!

I’m ready to begin my Membership with Young Living and the Grits + Grace team!

1. Click here to see a list of our diamond leaders in your area or join Grits + Grace by clicking here to join now.
2. Make sure “Member” is selected at the top and fill out form.
3. Enter all of your personal information then choose your starter kit. (One of the Premium Starter Kits is the BEST option)
4. When signing up, you have an option to purchase Essential Rewards (click here for more information on this monthly program which offers ever more discounts and reduced shipping!). No problem if you want to opt out now, we recommend just getting with your Sponsor or the person who referred you to Young Living before you make your next purchase to see if this is a good option for you.
5. Review all info and check out!

Purchasing as a Retail Customer
• No kit purchase
• Order at any time
• 24% higher than wholesale
• No option to participate in Essential Rewards program
• No compensation benefits if you so choose

It’s certainly great that Young Living offers both the Membership and the Retail option. Rarely do we see someone choose the retail option because of the money saved up front and long-term. We do however, see people who have mistakenly enrolled as a retail customer convert their retail memberships to wholesale memberships with no regrets! It doesn’t take a whole lot of math to see that 24% above wholesale would add up very quickly! In addition to the increase in cost, one of our favorite ways to save is through Essential Rewards + Retail Customers are unable to participate in this program. Our team strongly encourages you to choose the Wholesale Member option to save you dollars!

Joining a Group that Values Your Education

It is imperative that new members choose a team who can hold their hand and walk with them through the process of becoming “oily.” The members of the Essential Living team value the community with which we strive to educate from the beginning and truthfully…forever. We know that once becoming “oily,” your life will change for the BETTER…forever! This is not a short-lived journey and we love that! You will find a multitude of like-minded people and lasting friendships. Our team provides several private education groups via Facebook, monthly classes to serve you and the friends you share the oils with as well as in-person classes and tools to help you share the oils once you receive your own and want to tell people about them!

If you are looking for an “oily” home, you have found IT! We encourage you to contact the Grits + Grace team member who pointed you to this site for assistance in enrolling. Should you not have a friend currently on our team, WELCOME! You may enroll using this link and one of the Grits + Grace team members will be in touch with you soon.

Come oil with us+ happy oiling, babe!