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January 12, 2018

It goes without saying that a well-balanced, little to no processed food, nutrient-dense diet is the number one secret to glowing and young-looking skin. BUT it does not hurt to treat your skin, the largest organ of your body, with a luxurious detox.

Using the “Oil Cleansing Method,” or OCM, depending on your skin type you are using a balance of both moisturizing and astringent oils to pull impurities from the skin (below are the ones that work to clean your skin and shrink pore appearance).

Easy, right?


Oily skin— 1:3 astringent to moisturizer

Dry skin— 1:10 astringent to moisturizer

Combo skin— 1:4 astringent to moisturizer


1. Mix the oils and store in a jar. Mason jars are perfect for this!

2. Turn on your hot water, and place a small towel under the water.

3. As the towel warms up, take a dab of the oil mix into your fingers and rub over your entire face in circular motions. Enjoy this time! It is very therapeutic and relaxing. I do about 2 minutes at night, but do what feels most comfortable to you (even 30 seconds can be cleansing).

4. Once the time for rubbing the oil over your face has been reached, take your towel from the running water, shut off the water and squeeze the excess water from the towel.

5. Place over your face immediately if it is comfortable enough. Wait a couple of seconds if it’s too hot. Once the towel is completely covering your face, place another towel over the wet one to lock in the steam and heat. Let it sit about 30-40 seconds or until you feel the heat mostly gone. Repeat 1-3 times until the oil is removed from your skin.

*If you feel your skin drying from this, try skipping one of the repeat sessions of steaming your face, or apply a light moisturizer with some Frankincense or Lavender essential oil mixed in.

6. Before applying a moisturizer at night, I like to splash my face with cold water for a few seconds to close pores, this step is optional.

You will be surprised at the dirt you see on the washcloth. Worked like a charm on my fiancé 😉

We are also huge fans of EMU oil, after adding it to our favorite diy lash serum. If jojoba or Aragon oil aren’t working for your skin type, try using pure EMU oil. It’s one of my favorite oils and is virtually perfect for every skin type. It’ll clean your skin, heal blemishes and scars, reduce redness, moisturize, fight fine lines, help uneveness, etc. You can practically use EMU oil for EVERYTHING. Seriously. Mosquito bite? Slap some EMU oil on it. Acne? Slap some EMU oil on it. It’s crazy good. This is my favorite EMU oil brand. And just as with anything— you get what you pay for, AND a very little goes a long way! and it’s so versatile!! You can even take it internally, as a supplement! But remember, these statements have not been approved by the FDA, so please consult your primary physician before doing so.

Have you tried OCM? How do you like it? Any tips you might like to add?

Happy oiling, babes!

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