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Keep Summer Sweet with SweetSpots Lab

July 22, 2017

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Babes! With temperatures rising up into the triple digits here in Alabama, staying clean and fresh is crucial! The extreme heat has caused my skin to become a lot drier, but still leaving me feeling sticky! Keeping my skin hydrated but still feeling clean and using products with natural ingredients is important to me. SweetSpot Labs’ Coconut Lime Gentle Wash and Coconut Lime On-The-Go Wipes work hand-in-hand perfectly to give my body the TLC it deserves and keep it clean, hydrated, and feeling soft!

Let’s chat! SweetSpot Labs targets an area that can be taken advantage of in terms of daily hygiene. I think you know of the little area I’m speaking about: your sweet spot. What I love most about SweetSpot Labs, is their 97%-98% natural line is pH balanced and free of harmful additives that can disrupt a woman’s natural chemistry — parabens, phthalates, gluten, dairy, soy, glycerin (a sugar based ingredient that yeast loves, yikes!) and sulfates (harsh foaming agents that can leave skin feeling dry and irritated). SweetSpot Labs products are designed to work in harmony with your body.

— Coconut Lime Body Wash

Firstly, this wash is not only super gentle and refreshing, it also has a really delightful refreshing exotic, tropical citrus scent. I feel like I’m on a summer getaway every time I use it! Made from coconut derived cleansers, this cleanses the body without stripping it of the essential oils. It is also infused with skin softening emollient oils of apricot kernel and sunflower, and panthenol, an ingredient that softens the skin.

I like to use this wash after an intense day at the playground or at-home workout session. It’s safe for everyday use all over the body, and it’s a bonus that the pretty packaging adds nice color in my shower 😉 It’s also travel-friendly, which makes it ideal to pack into my purse or the diaper bag! Since it’s so gentle, I never have to worry about it causing skin irritation! In fact, my skin is always feeling soft and supple after I use it! The smell is not harsh whatsoever and most importantly, there is no irritation! This body wash is a one-stop-shop for my cleansing rituals since you technically only need one shower product to cover every part of you! 😉

— Coconut Lime Wipes

SweetSpot Labs wipes are ideal for daily use in freshening up your sweet spot but also great before/during/after your period, wiping down your whole body after a workout (armpits, back of knees, neck etc..) while you’re at the beach, when you’re traveling, sitting in the car too long! These on-the-go wipes are seriously must-haves. I have a pack in my 4-Runner, another in my purse, and one in the diaper bag! These wipes are made with 98% natural ingredients, are clinically tested, and are gynecologist recommended. Not only are these wipes perfect for an instant refresh after a long day, they are LIFESAVERS when you’re chasing your kids around the park and sweating in this humid Alabama heat!

Having these wipes handy allows me to quickly clean up before running out the door for work, if I don’t have time to shower first. They smell so good — even my friends have asked me what scent I have on! These days, I don’t wear much perfume so the answer’s got to be these Coconut Lime wipes! It’s relieving to know that I can smell fresh throughout the day without having to take multiple showers a day due to the scorching weather here.

I love that these on-the-go wipes are super versatile. Not only are they useful during/after a long day at the park, they’re nice for babes to keep around to refresh your sweet spot during your period or a night out. The aloe, cucumber, pineapple, and cranberry extracts in these wipes leave me feeling fresh and fabulous all day long!

All SweetSpot Labs feminine hygiene products come in FIVE luxurious, fresh and clean smelling scents:

  • Grapefruit Verbena is a crisp, clean and citrus scent
  • Vanilla Blossom is a soft, gourmand floral scent
  • Neroli Mandarin a luscious, tropical, clean floral scent
  • Coconut Lime is a refreshingly exotic, tropical citrus scent
  • Unscented is all the luxury, without the perfumery

Have a trip coming up? Dashing to that mid-day spin class? Need to freshen up when you have your period? I invite you to to head to your local Wal-Mart or purchase online. The price point is incredible at $5.98 for an 8 fl oz tube of wash and $5.98 for a 30 ct brick!

SweetSpot Labs feminine body wash & wipes are ideal for Summer! With that said, I’ve rounded up a few of our other favorite must-have Summer essentials, scroll below!

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What are your body must-haves for summer? We would LOVE to hear from you!

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