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Our Bedtime Routine

March 10, 2017

If you’re like me & can lay in bed awake for hours, unable to shut your mind off, this post is for you (and your little ones)…

We run a pretty tight schedule at night, especially with t-ball now thrown into our chaotic mix! Our bedtime routine ensures that by at least 8pm my babies are in their beds and for the most part quiet for the evening. We begin with bath time. I add one drop of Lavender to their bath water and bathing in YL KidScents shampoo and bath gel. After telling the kids at least a half dozen times not to splash water everywhere, we get them out and put on jammies, then, we brush teeth using the YL KidScents toothpaste. We love this brand because it is significantly less messy than the leading goopy brands. After, we diffuse Peace & Calming in the living room and bedrooms while everyone is winding down for the night right before bed. Currently watching Trolls on repeat. Sweetest nighttime routine ever!

Next comes endless bedtime stories, prayers & Sleepylze on the bottoms of their litte feet. Why Sleepylze? Calms & relaxes the mind & body, overall aids in sleep (secretly wishing this stuff came by the gallons).Why the bottoms of feet? Oil can absorb quicker into their bodies without the chance of irritation by placing a drop or two on the bottom of their feet. I also have a rollerball using 4-5 drops of Thieves & topping it off with YL V6 Vegetable Complex or fractionated coconut oil. We have learned that this is crucial for heading back to school & also during winter wellness months, our children are noticeably more run down when don’t keep this blend handy. Thieves is such a powerhouse oil!!

If I could pick one oil that I think should come in the starter kit, it would be hands down be Cedarwood! This is my favorite oil for all the chill vibes!!! Relaxing, calming & woodsy, and even one of Seth’s favorites! 😉

Next comes oils in the diffuser. Lavender + Cedarwood + Vetiver (2-3 drops each) is my go to nightly routine combo. I am not kidding you friends, it used to take Sophia hours and hours to fall asleep, until we made oils a part of our bedtime routine!! Our two tend to be more relaxed & comforted with these oils, and they love falling asleep with their diffusers on! It’s incredible how they’ve adjusted to using oils throughout their day and how it’s just become a way of life for them. It’s funny to even hear them telling other people about “mommy’s oils” and how “mommy is a good at spraying” (referring to my essential oil mists blends).

This last step is clutch, if you skip all the rest, don’t skip this. I put one drop of Lavender in the palm of my hand & rub it on each of my little one’s blankies. This is perfect for if you don’t have diffusers in their bedrooms yet. There is a reason that all baby bedtime lotions & bath soaps are lavender scented, friends. Sending all the sleepy vibes!!!! 😴😴😴

Recipes from this post:

  • Sweet Dreams Darling linen & lovey spray: 10 drops Lavender +10 drops Vetiver + 5 drops Cedarwood + 2 drops Sara + distilled water. Mist on your pillow or jammies before bed!
  • Goodnight Moon: 2 drops Cedarwood + 3 drops Lavender. Diffuse.
  • Wind Down before bed: 3 drops Peace & Calming + 3 drops Orange + 2 drops German Chamomile. Diffuse.
  • Witching Hour (you know what I’m talking about mamas): 3 drops Stress Away + 3 drops Orange. Diffuse.
  • Peace & Calming: Rub a drop in the palm of your hands and then onto your baby’s lovey or blankie, put a few drops onto a clothes pin & clip it into your air vents for a makeshift diffuser or rub a drop directly behind your children’s ears.
  • Immunity Boost: 4-5 drops of Thieves & top off with YL V6 Vegetable Complex or fractionated coconut oil. Rub on bottom of feet.

PS. For those of you who are interested in learning more about essential oils or sleep routines incorporating essential oils, please leave your email below and I will be more than happy to send over more information! If you would like to learn more on getting started with essential oils, check out my intro post here.

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